Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Lets not get into the argument of who really invented momo , dimsum , wanton or jiaozi first . All these dishes are the part of south east Asia and the recipe e was passed through the silk route . One thing common is they are filling made in thin/normal.think refine wheat dough with chicken , meat , prawns and everything you can imagine

1- Lajpat nagr (main market) - There are many vendor who sell the momos here

Taste - They all taste the same . Momos is nothing to get exited about , there is nothing good in them . The sauce is really spicy and lets u not focus on the taste .

Rating - 1.5/5

Momos point ( Rajourie garden ) - There are several place name by Momos point in DElhi but there is a difference in the taste of the momos . This one was earlier located in the main market of Rajourie garden now Shifted to main Red light near the Rajourie metro station

Taste- You always have to waite here to get the momos made as it's there policy to serve fresh made momos . There is a lot of influence of Garlic and ginger in the momos and goes well with the chicken and for the vegetarians the filling of mushroom and Paneer are really nice

sauce - The sauce is not too high on chilies and is a typical momos sauce which we get in Delhi

Rating -3/5

QD'S - This is a join back of bunglow road near north campus . There are many places in the area which serve momos but the one they serve is legendary- "chicken tandoori momos or paneer tandoori momos

Taste -This is a very nicely done crossover food . The thing which I personally do not like about the momos is that even after steaming them , there is a feeling of uncooked dough . but with tandoor coming in the momos get roasted. The spices are all good to with filling .

Rating - 4/5

If you guys know any place you think should be on the list please inform us . we would hunt the place down and tell

Friday, July 29, 2011

best chole bature

Chole bhature (Punjabi: ਛੋਲੇ ਭਟੂਰੇ) is a combination of chole (spicy chick peas) and fried bread called bhatoora (made of maida flour).[1]. The word 'bhatura' is pronounced as 'pathoora' in Punjabi. It is mainly eaten in Punjab in North India

We have all have our share of this high calories dish and truly we loved it

1- Sita-Ram ( pharganj) this place is near new Delhi railway station and is serving baturas for many generations

Taste - The batura are really nice not too thick and potato filling or paneer filling are the best one , the channa are very good on spices

rating 3/5

2-Chacha ke bathure ( kamla nagar ) This is one hot spot in kamla nagar to enjoy some good steaming hot chole bature .

Taste - Bature with filling and the special masala and tangh immly chutney mixed in chole and a green chilli give a perfect bite

Rating 4/5

3- Embassy(c.p) - yes this is a fine dine place which serve some really nice chole bature . Chole bature is considered to be a economical mean but not in this place

Taste - The bature are normal cooked perfectly large but the thing changed with the channa , they are made from some fresh ingredients know .

Rating 3/5

4- Roshan di kulfi( karol bagh ) I remember this place for 2 thing one for the food another for the bomb blast that took place here several years ago .

Taste - The taste of old delhi is felt in there chole bature high on the oil both in baturas and chole but the taste is really good and they add a piece of boiled potato to the chole as well

Rating 3/5

Best Butter chicken in Delhi

what is butter chicken for the dum dums ?

Butter chicken is a marinated chicken dish made in rich spicy tomato gravy . The chicken can be both with bone or boneless

The origins of butter chicken can be traced back to Kundan Lal Gujral, a Hindu Punjabi, who ran a restaurant called Moti Mahal Delux in Delhi. Over the years there are many number of different recipes altered by people .

Most of the places of some kind of similar taste but some mix and match the right spices in a right manner to give that perfect butter chicken

1- Moti Mahal Darya ganj - let's start with the place that actually invented butter chicken .

This is a place which is not to far from CP , finding it is a challenge as it on the main road but only a narrow gate that leads to the place .

Taste - The butter chicken with the original recepie does not taste to loud on the species it very mild on the spices . the main taste you get is of tangy tomatoes . The chicken quality is really good and as they marinate there chicken for some 2-3 days time it absorbs all the flavor , so when we bite into the chicken this when the main taste comes out .

Rating 2.5/5

2- kake ka dhaba (c.p) This is well know place in CP , i have seen many people coming in this place and enjoying the food . The menu is pretty basic and do not expect any good service but timely service is guarantee at this place

Taste - The chicken is fresh but the gravy is a very basic thing , loud on oil and less on flavor. does not comes out to be butter chicken if you ask me , this gravy is like same for most of the dishes like sahi paneer mautter paneer

rating 1/5

3- Monsoon ( Le Méridien ) This is a place which took place of Pakwan in the hotel , they have a limited menu . The quantity is not that great and can only serve on person or 4 female models

Taste The taste of chicken is very good , the spices are not that loud but perfect they blend in quite well with the tomato gravy

rating - 3/5

4- Kays (Ashok Vihar ) This place is located in the central market of Ashok vihar populary know as Deep market

Taste The gravy is not too rich in oil and is not a very heavy gravy but good on spices , little sweet to balance the taste of tomatoes is notable . i recommend having bone less cause this is more exploded with taste

Rating - 4/5

5-Embassy (C.P) This place is located on the inner circle

Rate - The taste this a heritage here , it has not changed over the years . There taste with like of moti mahal but only with little bit more spices

rating - 3/4

If you think you have a place in delhi that serve a good butter chicken do comment or invite us